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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Documented Life Project video flip

Hey Doll!
How was your day?
Mine was good, outside yoga by the water and
tanning the rest of the day.
I know, I know, tanning is very bad. But I am a
sun worshipper and I want to look good in the box!
So I told you yesterday I had something to show you.
I have started a new journal (like I need another)
called "The Documented Life Project".
I just love it. Everything you need in one place.
Watch my video flip of the book to see the details.

 So, did you like it? I'm tellin' you, I'll never get
a job as a phone sex girl!
But anyway, I'm loving this project because you
always need a planner anyway, and then there are
things you want to remember while you're out, and
shopping lists to make (which you forget at home) and
art you want to make at that very moment or you'll
die! And this book has everything all in one place.
If you want to make one of your own, it's not too late.
Start with the week you can begin and then just work
on the passed weeks when you can to catch up.
Here are some pics of the weeks I've completed.

Here's when I first started.

I also made a pencil pouch to carry with me. I cut my
colored pencils in half and sharpened both ends.
Yes, I know, GENIOUS!
Week 1 - front door

Week 2 - selfie

inside tip-in

Week 3 - envelope

inside tip-in

Week 4 - note to self

inside tip-in

Week 5 - doodle border

inside tip-in
So that's where I'm up to now. I will try to
post a picture once a week to show you how I
made my pages from Art to the 5th's prompt.
I like how I have a week to make each page, much less
pressure than a daily prompt.
Ok, thanks for stopping by again.
I hope you enjoyed the video.
Leave me comments, I'm lonely! sniff sniff


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