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Thursday, June 19, 2014

OMG! It's Etsy

Hey doll.
Big news! I just opened my Etsy shop!
I really have no idea what I'm doing, but I hope this
isnt a mistake.

I only have one item right now, but I hope to add 
more artwork very soon. Here's the RAK cards I have for sale.

There are eight (8) cards in the set. They are prints
of my original acrylic painted 2.5 x3.5 cards.

Please stop by my shop and check it out.

Thanks, and drop me a note to say hi!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Documented Life - weeks 11 to 24

Hey Doll!
How have you been? Good, I hope.
I know I've been gone a long time.
I apologize, please forgive me.
Well, I've been working on my DLP
and have some progress to show you.
I have weeks 11 to 24 to show you on video.
I hope you enjoy it.

Leave me a comment and tell me what you think.
See you soon,



Thursday, March 6, 2014

Documented Life Project - Weeks 9 and 10

Hey Doll!
How ya doin'?
I'm good. Been working my fingers to the
bone on my DLP pages.
Here's Weeks 9 and 10.
I thought you would be bored if I posted
a page a week, so I'll start combining weeks
to keep things moving along.
If I have anything else to report, you
know you'll hear from me.
Week 9
The prompt was to recycle. I used a piece of my
daughter's Valentine's balloon, stencil package, tea
bag, and some other bits and pieces. My fav is
the feather!

Inside the flap is my Happy Mail idea list, which as
you can plainly see, is TOP SECRET! So far, I
have received one and sent out one. I do have
more to send out, just deciding on some details.
Oh, look, ME on the other side!
Week 10
"What makes me, me?"
Since I am in the middle of my Joanne
Sharpe Letter Love class, the 'stacked' words
seemed like the perfect idea for this prompt.
(Note to Self: Paper Mate flair pens are NOT waterproof)

Inside the flap I added my Happy Mail envelope
as another flap. The owl was drawn by my sender and
I wanted to use it in my planner. On the opposite page
I used a doily from lunch with my Mother and
Daughter, our 'to do' list and the papers from
my Happy Mail.

Then I added my face drawing.

I collaged the book paper from my sender and
added a pocket using her paint-scraped paper.
Inside are the tags and papers she sent me
that I haven't used yet.
Well, that's it for now. I wonder what Week 11
will be.
Hope you enjoyed creeping on my pages!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Documented Life Week 8

Hey Doll!
What's going on today?
I finally finished my Documented Life
Week 8 page - Flap on a flap.
I actually didn't make a flap, I used the
packaging from my incense that I love because
I wanted my book to be smelly!
check it out

This is the flap closed. It's washi taped in on the left side.
And this is the flap open and the page I painted, and
sewed around the circles.
Here is the inside pages. As you can tell, I am
joining the "Happy Mail" group and can't wait to
start making things to send out. I hope to receive
something from all fifty-whatever states!
(don't judge me, I can't remember right now)
So, hope you like the pages.
Oh, on a lighter note, my huuussband took me
out for lunch yesterday. I only mention this because
the restaurant was fancy, and I don't do gourmet
kind of food. So I am very proud that I tried
Kale Caesar Salad with grilled Chicken!
It's not the chicken, it's the kale.
Even the name is "gourmet"!
So, thanks for stopping by.
Talk to ya soon

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Documented Life Week 7

Hey Doll!
How've ya been? I'm good. Been working
on my Documented Life Project and still
How about you? Did you start yours?
You should, you know. It's not too late, go at
your own pace.
Anyway, here's Week 7's pages.
The prompt was to repeat a shape. I chose
hexagon because I always do circles and wanted
to do something different. And because I started
handpiecing a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt
 using 1" hexagons a long time ago and still
haven't finished it.
(Don't you tell me to get to work!
Yeah, you. You know who you are.)
This is the flap closed with the hexagons
and my daily calendar.
Close up of the hexes. I painted a separate piece of
bristol paper and then cut it up. The background is
acrylic paint painted on and then wiped away through
a stencil.

Close up of calendar.
This is the flap open.
Ha! Got my circles in anyway.
And, as you can see from my journaling, I started Joanne
Sharpe's "Letter Love 101" class. I'm lovin' this too!
And the close up of the writing in my circles.
Well, I hope you like Week 7.
Have a good week with happy thoughts!
P.S. Did you have a nice Valentine's Day?

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Documented Life Week 6

     Hey Doll!

I have a quickie post just to show you my
Documented Life Week 6 finished pages. I hope they
are inspiring to someone!

This is the tip-in closed.
The prompt was "Pinterest Interest" so we
were to look on Pinterest and find inspiration and
use that for our page. As you probably can tell, I
chose Joanne Sharpe and her gorgeous lettering style.
This is my attempt on one of her fonts.

This is the tip-in open. I haven't decided what
to do on the right side yet. I want to take Joanne's
on-line class and then add lettering.

Hope you liked this short post.
(I usually talk much more)
Enjoy your Sunday.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Documented Life Project video flip

Hey Doll!
How was your day?
Mine was good, outside yoga by the water and
tanning the rest of the day.
I know, I know, tanning is very bad. But I am a
sun worshipper and I want to look good in the box!
So I told you yesterday I had something to show you.
I have started a new journal (like I need another)
called "The Documented Life Project".
I just love it. Everything you need in one place.
Watch my video flip of the book to see the details.

 So, did you like it? I'm tellin' you, I'll never get
a job as a phone sex girl!
But anyway, I'm loving this project because you
always need a planner anyway, and then there are
things you want to remember while you're out, and
shopping lists to make (which you forget at home) and
art you want to make at that very moment or you'll
die! And this book has everything all in one place.
If you want to make one of your own, it's not too late.
Start with the week you can begin and then just work
on the passed weeks when you can to catch up.
Here are some pics of the weeks I've completed.

Here's when I first started.

I also made a pencil pouch to carry with me. I cut my
colored pencils in half and sharpened both ends.
Yes, I know, GENIOUS!
Week 1 - front door

Week 2 - selfie

inside tip-in

Week 3 - envelope

inside tip-in

Week 4 - note to self

inside tip-in

Week 5 - doodle border

inside tip-in
So that's where I'm up to now. I will try to
post a picture once a week to show you how I
made my pages from Art to the 5th's prompt.
I like how I have a week to make each page, much less
pressure than a daily prompt.
Ok, thanks for stopping by again.
I hope you enjoyed the video.
Leave me comments, I'm lonely! sniff sniff


The "Dead One" lives!

Hey Doll!
How have you been?
I am alive and well and living
in witness protection since my last post!
I titled this the "Dead One" lives because
my friend Helene back in New York says that every time
I call her to catch up on things. I take so long
to call, she assumes I have died and nobody
remembered to tell her, hence the name
"Dead One"!
Anyway, I have been busy with the usual every
day hustle and bustle just like you, and have been a
very bad blogger. Please forgive me.
(I'm begging here)
The end of the year seemed to fly by and I never
had a chance to write. I have been making art more
now that the holidays are over, so if you want, I
can show you some of the things I've made.
But only if you want.
okay, I'll show you, jeez, you can stop saying please!
So for Christmas I made a few things.
This is in one of my Dyan Reaveley journals. Everything
I used on this page are her products.

Of course you recognize Tim's December tag. I went
crazy looking for all the supplies for this one.
I just HAD to have that flower!
Oh, and it was late. I didn't make it until January.
Don't judge.

Then I made this big tag because I had the tree part cut
out for the longest time waiting to become something. So
I Distress Inked (that's a verb now) the card, then
embossed it and then painted the raised parts with Twinkling
H2O's. You can't really see it in the pic, but it's there!
The rest was just glueing all the pieces in place.
Then in January I did some more pages, and watched
lots of CHA 2014 You Tube videos. And of course, I
NEED every single thing I saw! Even Dina Wakley has her
own line of products now. If you haven't seen all the
new toys, go to You Tube and watch.
(bring a hankie, you'll be drooling)
This was a page I started with Dina in class at ESS in
Lake Worth and didn't really like it so I procrasti -procas - pro -
oh, screw it! I didn't work on it for a long time!
I just painted over what I didn't like and went from there.

This one is actually on a single sheet of 140lb watercolor paper.
I cut up a giant pad I had and the brilliant idea was to make
all the pages into a book. Taking much longer than planned.

And this is face #11 in the Dina Wakley 100 Faces Challenge.
I have a long was to go! Dina signed this page on the left
Okay, so this is long and boring enough, so I'll stop here.
I do want to show you something that got me out of a
little slumpy, sadness I was in for a while.
To cheer me up, my huuusssband (you have to say it like that)
took me shopping for yoga clothes.
One of my resolutions was to start yoga and I've been
doing it, but not regularly. I have to work on that.
They are sooooo cool! I love them.
Of course I can't wear them out in public, but I can
at home. I do need opaque tights though. You can see all
that God gave me in these things!!
All right, that's it for now. Tomorrow I want to show
you something that really got me out of the slump that is
ART related.
Thanks for listening.
And remember to comment. I want someone to talk to!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

My First Video Post!

Hey Doll!
How are you today? I'm only asking to be
polite. I know we only talked a few days ago
so I know you're fine.
I promised on the last post that I would try
to make a video of my Runner's Journal, and tonight
I did. (it only took about three days! I thought it
would be easier to download - ha - so not. My son
had to be my producer to help me)

But it is up, woohoo. It's very exciting! I know,
small feats amaze small minds!
Man, I sound like a geek! Does everyone
dislike their own voice when it's recorded. In my
head I sound much sexier.
Anyway, I hope you like the vid. Let me know if
it works for everyone.
Tootles for now,

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November's Tim Holtz Tag - look at me so early!

Hey Doll!
How've you been? Good I hope.
I'm okay, I'm good.
So I have a quick post today (I know what
you're thinking, me quick . . . not!)
I finished my November Tim Holtz
12 Tags of 2013 really early this month.
Probably because I had not one supply he used
in his tag.
But he did put a nice link to Richele
Christensen's card using his stamp/framelit
set, and since I used something similar in
my Kate Crane Calendar Challenge for
November, I decided to go with that design.
I really like the way it came out.
So, what do you think?
I used the Tattered Leaves die and cut one from
book page covered grungeboard, and one from another
book page. Before I glued one page to the grunge, I
rubbed both of them with Distress Inks. Sent them
through my Vagabond, and added the vein lines.
The tag itself is Distress Ink and water droplets, the
red paper is Distress Cardstock, and then another tag
is distressed very light with lots of water drops.
Then I just layered the papers and added the little
brads, glued the grunge leaf down and then glued the
second leaf but only down the center. Can you see
it's layered?
Stamped "Autumn Leaves" and added the printed
"Grateful". Added to the ribbon is one of the Tim
letter charms "T" for Thanks.
Would you have guessed that?
So, that's it for now.
Told ya' it was short.
See you soon with hopefully a video of a
small journal I made about my running. Did I ever
tell you I was training for a half-marathon?
Be on the lookout for that!
Thanks for stopping by and reading my silliness!