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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dyan Reaveley + Everything Scrapbook & Stamps = FAB-u-LOUS

Hello everyone!
I hope all the moms had a nice Mother's Day.
Mine was absolutely wonderful.
I spent Saturday and Sunday at "Everything Scrapbook
and Stamps" in Lake Worth, Florida with none-other-than Dyan Reaveley!
Here's me getting ready
When we checked-in, we were handed a Dylusions journal and a beautifully hand-made name tag (made by Jeannie at ESS)
The first class was Using Imagery in your Journal. The class was set up so that Dyan actually sat with us at the table and we could see everything she demonstrated.

She explained, we listened.
She demonstrated, we watched.
She gave instruction, we did.
The way she teaches is really great because you know exactly what to do. She breaks it down into steps that anyone can handle.
And we had FUN too! The girls at ESS, Michelle, Nancy, and Lisa made sure everything ran smoothly.
Especially Dyan's teapots!
The first class was all about spray backgrounds
and images from magazines.
This is one of my backgrounds that I didn't use yet
This is one that I started in class.
When the first class ended, we were able to leave our
journals on our seat so we could sit in the same place.
I had a good spot diagonally across from Dyan.
She was loving me! As you can plainly see.
After lunch, we started Silhouettes class. You know,
the stencils with Flossy, Annie, and Bert.
Here's my started Bert, and the mustache cupcake
one of our classmates made. If you look close
you can see why I couldn't eat mine.
(hint: spray ink)
Here's my Bert finished
And my Flossy page with
 ghosting in the leaves
Everyone in the classes were very happy with their pages.
Here's a group pic of the second class.
Sunday's class was Couture Journaling. Dyan showed us
how to make the fabric designs for the couture stamps. I really
enjoyed this class because I never know what to add to
the dresses to make them interesting and have dimension.
Dyan showing samples
Oh yeah, did I mention, Dyan moved her seat and sat
Look, our arms are even touching!!
Here's my started page
Dyan showed us how to make masks for the stamps,
and how to place them so you can make this kind of page.
oooh, and we got to use the water brushes filled with
Dylusions ink. They were the COOLEST thing.
After that I had to leave to drive home. I'm really sorry
I missed the last class. But I had a great time!
Oh yeah, and I bought a lot of supplies.
I can't wait to use them ALL!
Thank you so much "Everything Scrapbook & Stamp"
for bringing Dyan to your store.
Thank you Dyan for coming to the US for five
weeks and teaching us how to make beautiful art
journal pages.
And Dyan totally loved me!
I know, right!
P.S. Leave me a comment so I can say hello!


  1. Christine, great blog. Dyan is one of my favorite people. Glad you had a good time! Hope we see you soon.

  2. How could she not LOVE you?!? Looks like you learned a lot and had fun doing it. Beautiful job!
    Teen teen

  3. You lucky girl! I would love to meet her!

    1. We had so much fun, and so many pages started! Thanks for reading my blog.

  4. So so much fun! Thanks for sharing your adventure looked fabulous!

    Kaz x

    1. Dyan makes everyone feel as though they know her forever. Thanks for reading!

  5. Hi. I took the same two classes with Dyan in Moline, IL. in April. Learned so many techniques and had a wonderful time. Love your work!!