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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The "Dead One" lives!

Hey Doll!
How have you been?
I am alive and well and living
in witness protection since my last post!
I titled this the "Dead One" lives because
my friend Helene back in New York says that every time
I call her to catch up on things. I take so long
to call, she assumes I have died and nobody
remembered to tell her, hence the name
"Dead One"!
Anyway, I have been busy with the usual every
day hustle and bustle just like you, and have been a
very bad blogger. Please forgive me.
(I'm begging here)
The end of the year seemed to fly by and I never
had a chance to write. I have been making art more
now that the holidays are over, so if you want, I
can show you some of the things I've made.
But only if you want.
okay, I'll show you, jeez, you can stop saying please!
So for Christmas I made a few things.
This is in one of my Dyan Reaveley journals. Everything
I used on this page are her products.

Of course you recognize Tim's December tag. I went
crazy looking for all the supplies for this one.
I just HAD to have that flower!
Oh, and it was late. I didn't make it until January.
Don't judge.

Then I made this big tag because I had the tree part cut
out for the longest time waiting to become something. So
I Distress Inked (that's a verb now) the card, then
embossed it and then painted the raised parts with Twinkling
H2O's. You can't really see it in the pic, but it's there!
The rest was just glueing all the pieces in place.
Then in January I did some more pages, and watched
lots of CHA 2014 You Tube videos. And of course, I
NEED every single thing I saw! Even Dina Wakley has her
own line of products now. If you haven't seen all the
new toys, go to You Tube and watch.
(bring a hankie, you'll be drooling)
This was a page I started with Dina in class at ESS in
Lake Worth and didn't really like it so I procrasti -procas - pro -
oh, screw it! I didn't work on it for a long time!
I just painted over what I didn't like and went from there.

This one is actually on a single sheet of 140lb watercolor paper.
I cut up a giant pad I had and the brilliant idea was to make
all the pages into a book. Taking much longer than planned.

And this is face #11 in the Dina Wakley 100 Faces Challenge.
I have a long was to go! Dina signed this page on the left
Okay, so this is long and boring enough, so I'll stop here.
I do want to show you something that got me out of a
little slumpy, sadness I was in for a while.
To cheer me up, my huuusssband (you have to say it like that)
took me shopping for yoga clothes.
One of my resolutions was to start yoga and I've been
doing it, but not regularly. I have to work on that.
They are sooooo cool! I love them.
Of course I can't wear them out in public, but I can
at home. I do need opaque tights though. You can see all
that God gave me in these things!!
All right, that's it for now. Tomorrow I want to show
you something that really got me out of the slump that is
ART related.
Thanks for listening.
And remember to comment. I want someone to talk to!

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