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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Documented Life Week 8

Hey Doll!
What's going on today?
I finally finished my Documented Life
Week 8 page - Flap on a flap.
I actually didn't make a flap, I used the
packaging from my incense that I love because
I wanted my book to be smelly!
check it out

This is the flap closed. It's washi taped in on the left side.
And this is the flap open and the page I painted, and
sewed around the circles.
Here is the inside pages. As you can tell, I am
joining the "Happy Mail" group and can't wait to
start making things to send out. I hope to receive
something from all fifty-whatever states!
(don't judge me, I can't remember right now)
So, hope you like the pages.
Oh, on a lighter note, my huuussband took me
out for lunch yesterday. I only mention this because
the restaurant was fancy, and I don't do gourmet
kind of food. So I am very proud that I tried
Kale Caesar Salad with grilled Chicken!
It's not the chicken, it's the kale.
Even the name is "gourmet"!
So, thanks for stopping by.
Talk to ya soon

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