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Saturday, June 8, 2013

June Calendar Challenge

Hello everyone!
How have you been? Good, I hope.
I have been working feverishly on my
Kate Crane Calendar Challenge,
ummm since probably June 5th.
I know, I know, I'm late! But it is finally
finished, and I thought I would show you
some "stages" photos of my calendar.
As you will see, it's an Under The Sea theme.
Not on purpose, it just happened. My
Dylusions stamps were on the table and I
thought turquoise would be a good
background and voila!
(no Little Mermaid included)
So here we go.
This is the page sprayed with Dylusions
Vibrant Turquoise, Calypso Teal, and
Fresh Lime.
This is a little closer look.
I sprayed the Fresh Lime first, but it didn't
really come through at all. I usually spray water
on top of the color, but not this time because it
made a nice mottled look all by itself.
After it was dry, I stamped my Dylusions
"Ocean Backgrounds" images and
painted them with Dylusions ink in the Tim
Holtz waterbrushes. I love them!
On white Bristol paper I stamped Dylusions
"Under the Sea" fish images with Archival Ink and
painted those also. Cutting those bad boys out was,
shall we say, not easy, to be polite! But if you take
breaks and do something else, it's not so bad.
Here's a couple of the guys that tried to swim away.
The areas that were too small to cut out, I painted in with
Vibrant Turquoise so it would blend with the background.
I also got my days of the week printed, and my 1 1/2"
squares ready.
Here's the gluing in progress. For some of the fish and
coral/kelp images I used foam squares so they would give
the background some depth.
And here is the finished calendar! I really like how
it turned out. Not what I expected at all.
And here are some close ups of the details of the fish.
"June" is supposed to be in bubbles. Does it
look like bubbles? Hope so.
Well, that's it. I hope you liked it. Now I just have
to fill in all the days that have passed already!
What have I been doing for the last eight days?
Maybe the kids remember!
Thanks for stopping by, and as always leave me
a comment!


  1. I just LOVE IT! You are so talented.
    teen teen

  2. That is gorgeous. Do you do a calendar page in your art journal? Very cool.

  3. This is so cute and what a fantastic idea, much better than my plain white awful one at work. I would love to get some of Dyan's sprays and stamps and am saving up.

  4. To Funny Christine. I guess Christine's think a like! Love your page colors so vibrant!